John Buckingham Lowitz        SWIFTY'S PHOTOGRAPHS
Here is a selection of old family photographs showing John "Swifty",  his
wife Louise Morris Lowitz, and other assorted photos of his life and times
John and Louise Lowitz wintering in St.
Petersburg, Florida in the 1930's.

The Lowitz's moved to
Connecticut  in the late 1920's and
later created the well-known
Green Kettle Inn" in Wapping, Ct,
on the old Boston Post Road.
LuLu ran the kitchen and Swifty
was the host. They served only
baked chicken ,vegetables and
baskets filled with freshly made
waffles. It was an immediate
success and soon was
recommended by Duncan Hines.  
Their success allowed Swifty and
LuLu to spend the many winters
in Florida.
We will over time be adding several photos of
Swifty and his family....thanks, PHM