John Buckingham Lowitz          SWIFTY'S  popular MUSIC
I'd rather have nothin' all of the Time than somethin' for a
little While. [Song.] Words by John B. Lowitz.

From [the] musical comedy "Bandana Land." Music by Will
Marion Cook. Interpolations by B. A. Williams.

(1908) Publisher: Gotham-Attucks Music Co ISBN:
Title: Never Raise a Razor 'less you want to raise a row>

First line: Abram Jackson Smith went to a ball the other
Refrain: Never raise a razor 'less you want to raise a row

Composer: Lowitz, John B.
Lyricist: Hazzard, John E. (John Edward), 1881-1935
Performer: May Irwin
"Ta, Ta, Au Revoir, I'm goin'
to Go"  was written by John
Lowitz for Lew Dockstader
for his new musical.
The list below are titles of songs by John B. Lowitz. Unfortunately, at
this time we don't have images of their covers
"Don't Argify" for May Irwin

"Hello Peaches" for Josephine

"Everybody Joined in the Chorus
in the Family"

"You Can't Do without It"

"I'm Willing to Wait"

"I Want Somebody to Love":

"My Little Java Lady"

"Cherry Hill Jerry" for Katie Berry,
in "Chinese Honey Moon"

"My Heather queen" written for
Sam Bernard's show "Nearly a
HANNIBAL HOPE. "The novelty
caliope song." Words by Frank O.
French and John B. Lowitz.
Louis Achille Hirsch B. Haviland
Publishing Co 1908
SLIDE, BILL SLIDE! Lowitz, John B.
(m & w). New York: The Trebuhs
Publishing Co., Inc., 1909
BANDY LEGS by John B. Lowitz
John B. Lowitz 1909 Written for
Alice LLoyd.